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1960 Telefunken
Hymnus 2004

SOLD.  More coming soon
1960 Telefunken 
Hymnus 2004
Made in Germany

SOLD. More coming soon

This Telefunken record console has been retro fitted with high-end audio creating an unparalleled music experience. This console is in amazing condition and has a classic presence. Overall, the history behind the best brands in vintage audio will give your room a unique sense of style and character
  •  Size: 50 x 35 x 16 inch
  •  Internal Speakers:  New 2  X 5-1/4" Polk speakers,

  •  Design: Iconic mid-century german design 
  •  Wiring: All wiring included and installed
  •  Original radio: Still functioning original tube German radio
  • Turntable: German External Belt Drive. U-turn
  • Turntable: Precision Tonearm, Maple base        
Interested in just the tube amp?
  •  '69 CLASSIC Tube Amp: Warm, crisp sound 
  •  High End Tube Amp: Nostalgic look and style
  •  Storage: Right door slides open to store whiskey, glasses, and records
1963 Grundig Majestic
SO 124

1963 Grundig
S0 170
Made in Germany


Very rare mid-sized record console upgraded with high-end quality electronics. This unit has distinct wood grain that is very beautiful. Excellent piece that will transform your living room, office, or study into unique sanctuaries of sound.

  •  Size: 45 x 33 x 16 inch
  •  Internal Speakers: New Polk speakers
  •  Sub Woofer: Consealed 8" flat Subwoofer, Maple wood grain  

  •  Turntable:  U-turn External belt drive, acrylic platter, maple wood base
  •  Turntable:  Precision gimbal tonearm, adjustable counterweight.
  • Design: Iconic Mid-Century German Design 
  •  Wiring: All Wiring Included for Installation
  •  High End Tube Amp: Warm Crisp, Sound and Theatrical Glow
  •  High End Tube Amp: ATX Record Players' Signature Vacuum Tube Amplifier
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The Only Wife Approved Audio System!

The Only Wife Approved Audio System!
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